What is this?

Penny Magic is a short story anthology website. We publish volumes of ten stories over ten weeks, all based around a unique theme. Kind of like short story “mixtapes.” We started with Vol. 1: Fairytales for Grown-Ups in the fall of 2018, and we’ve kept going ever since. We also publish Mini Stories on our social platforms and secret stories exclusively to our email subscribers.

Who are you?

Penny Magic Press is the pet project of Matt and Natalie Mills, a husband and wife who live and work in Chicago, but spend many of their imaginative hours elsewhere.

What does your name mean?

Mostly nothing, but we like it because it reminds us of the penny dreadfuls of eras gone by, accessible reading to help people escape and read for just a little while each week.

WhO does your design?

All photography in our artwork is from Matt Mills or Unsplash.com. Book cover design is by Matt Mills. Book interior design is by Natalie Mills.

How did Penny Magic begin?

Several years ago, we began writing short stories until we ended up with quite a few between the two of us. When we looked for a way to get them into the world, we couldn’t find anywhere that fit what we wanted to do. We started Penny Magic as a way to get our stories out there and to build a place that our talented friends could share their short stories as well.

Are your stories written for children?

If it’s good enough for children, it’s good enough for us. That said, our stories are not written with children in mind, but for anyone who wants to expand the map of their imagination. Not all topics will be suitable for children.

Where have I heard of you before?

In 2019, Penny Magic was a finalist for a Digital Book World award in Best Publishing Technology. We were also profiled by Futurebook on thebookseller.com