Truthful stories of unreal things

Penny Magic is a short story anthology website. We publish delightful stories of literary and speculative fiction. We tell stories of things truthful yet unreal, transcendent yet simple—stories of broken bones and growing up, of sticky candy and new worlds, flash floods and mermaids, lost coins and the first step of a journey.

We publish volumes of ten stories over ten weeks based around a unique theme, kind of like short story “mixtapes.” During those ten weeks, you can read new written stories on our website each Saturday and listen to audio versions via our podcast each Tuesday. If you want to enjoy our stories, the current volumes are available now:

Vol. 1: Fairytales for Grown-Ups
Fairytales, fantasies, and stories of magic in the real world

Vol. 2: A World of Our Own
Stories of snowy mountain villages, enchanted hotels, and other new worlds to explore

Vol. 3: Maybe There’s an Ocean
Ten stories of journeys—across deserts, through snowstorms, and accidental trips on unfamiliar trains

We also publish Mini Stories of no more than 280 characters on our social platforms. Find us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. We send secret stories exclusively to our email subscribers. Join our email list below to get the next secret story and to hear first about upcoming volumes, projects, and updates.